Dear friends
a chaos angel messed around a bit ... so here we (don't) go...
 I take it as a wink of the universe to let go of my archived content I never published...  there will be a new way to reach out to you with my work comitted to upcycling fashion, plantprinting, biohacking & styling. But it will take another while... Pics above and left  shot by Consantine Tsapaliras, Medea wearing one of my favourite plantprinted pieces of the vintage drop 1 and the actual new line (left) .

"I love those plantprints - also the making ... it's almost like unwrapping Christmas presents..."

Tabitha Smith

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We are situated in the hottest place Zurich has to discover at the moment... Find us as part of the ReCreaZZZ, where we sew, print, offer workshops and help running the open repair & upcycling place.
Drop by, visits on personal arrangement, or open upcycling is each Thursday from 18-21

I draw a lot of inspiration out of beautiful old silks & wool textiles and nature and their relation to each other. This is why the prints become so special...

Romy Hood